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Hi James,

Great explanation of how to add quarters. How do you write three quarters as a fraction?

Uncle Simon

Awesome James, I liked it when you showed us how to write one quater and two quaters. Next time how about you put the quater symbols where there is more space.

Asomme job

Awesome job

cool i am lorni a lot from you

good job james I liked it when you used a bucket of paint instead of scribbling

I loved the fact that you showed how to work it out step by step and used models to show what portion of a whole the piece is. No improvement needed.

Great work using the tools.

great work james it great
maybe do anther screencast

You actually taught me something. Thanks James!!!

maybe try to do it so you have a bit more room for your work

😉 I had lots of fun making it after it I realised I should of wrote 3/4 ;-|!

i liked the way you used the tools

that was fantastic.
you could of done the arrows somewhere else

Great work James

Hi I love It. but maybe next time draw the fraction under the circle

Great job James i loved it.Notthing was wrong with this screencast LOL!!!!!

Great job James.Maybe next time try to have a bit more space.Other than that IT WAS AWESOME.

hi james your work was great but next time put the fraction under neth but great work.

AWESOME!!!! ;^()

That was AMAZING how you did the
backround black


Great job james maybe next time get the color ready

great job James nothing was wrong with that

Nana and I were very impressed with the way you used fractions!! You are really good at mathematics!! Keep it up and please tell us more about all the wonderful things you are learning at school!! From Nanna and Poppo

I loved the way you showed how to add fractions! Great work using paint to and filling your circles to show the different fractions and the total. I would have loved to see the three-quarters written and an equal sign! Amazing work James!!!!

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